About Suzanne


Suzanne Ruth Faulkner II

Rika's Tel Aviv studio
Rika and Suzanne during private lesson in Tel Aviv 2011

Suzanne has been studying Alexander Technique since 1987. She is an active member and recognized teacher of American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)

Suzanne Faulkner has been teaching the Alexander Technique to individuals for over 28 years, and even though she has been certified to teach since 1991 through Alexander Technique International, and AmSAT since 1995, she continues her development of this technique by staying in contact with and studying under her teacher Ruth Kilroy.

Suzanne offers multiple perspectives of movement, culled from her background in dance, dressage, yoga, track & field, gymnastics, and martial arts. Her former career as a special education public school classroom teacher allows her the ability to modified instruction to each individual’s specific needs.