aim up
aim up

The sound of the train AND the sun has come out. This day is really shaping up.

Today I have taught an early morning yoga class, taken a Pilates private lesson, had a fantastic soy late from JoeVanGogh, walked my chihuahuas, introduced Alexander Technique to a small group at The Durham Center for Senior Life, sent out a few emails, and smiled at myself in a store window while walking downtown because I liked my outfit and I was aiming up. It/I.. looked good and felt good. I adore my new downtown Alexander office/studio/salon.

Very soon, like next to now, I must go home get my chihuahuas and get to our yoga studio to teach our evening yoga class.

It is amazing to me that my sense of the pace of a day is so out of whack. I was 20 years a waitress. Waitresses/servers hustle the entire shift. Serving food is WAY more than serving food. Lemons to be cut, tables to be scrubbed, take out boxes to folded, coffee to make, salt and pepper shakers to either empty and wash, or fill and put out on the freshly scrubbed tables, sweep the patio, bring the chefs an iced tea, tell everyone about the specials, and then cut more lemons.

I was also 12 years a public school special education teacher. Public school teachers hustle the entire day, teaching, teaching, teaching, and also often working well into many night with lesson planning, grading, calling parents, setting up meetings, doing paper work, making lunch for the jam packed day that is too fast approaching.

My idea of how much work goes in a work day has been dramatically pulled to the side of the spectrum where construction workers and stone masons live.

Here is sit in my AT studio…. I somehow feel I have not yet really worked.

I am not saying that I love my work so much that it does not feel like work. What I am trying to say is that my gestalt of work confuses me when the work is thinking, minding, attending, organizing, being thoughtful, kind, open. My mind is blown. It has been over 10 years since I have waitressed, and over 6 years since I have put my public school teaching aside for my focus on Alexander Technique… And it still feels a bit strange, a bit wonderful, a bit like I am going to get in trouble for not reporting to work…

My sensory awareness of what my work is… is still catching up to what my work has become. I am my work in progress. My body of work, my whole body of thinking work.. will take me a few more years of getting to feel like my home…

And now to yoga class where I will suggest, investigate, ponder, explain, consider, and think with and for and to my students. No one needs me to bring them a lemon. Life is strange, and I love it.