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Compilation of AT lessons the week of Monday August 12th 2019

The Thinking IS the Exercise

What was reported from previous lessons:

  •  Being more aware of internal environment
  • Thinking loops for ups that become spirals
  • Feeling  a bit different, but not knowing yet how to bring about the thinking outside of a lesson
  • Position AS RELATIONSHIP of parts to parts and  parts to whole



Recently quantified senses

  • Thermoception (heat & cold)
  • Nociception  (pain)
  • Equilibrioception (balance,gravity)
  • Proprioception (body awareness)

And introducing THE ACTION SENSES 

during AT lesson I only introduced legs and arms

  • Legs & feet – locomotion
  • Arms & hands – dexterity
  • Rectum – excretion
  • Genitals -reproduction
  • Mouth – speech

Thinking in terms of arms & legs as ACTION senses allows me to think of the reasons I walk to something, the reason I pick up something.

This helps me see the ENTRANCE senses for their reasons too. This reminds me to watch my senses for what they are sending me. Are they sending me information through a clear lense??? Who is in charge of ME?

To be able to inhibit/ to delay/ to check the validity of our initial /habitual impulses.

“To Alexander, inhibition had a definite, operational meaning. It meant delaying the instantaneous response (learned or instinctive) to a stimulus until the  could be carried out in the way that was best suited to the well-being of the organism as a whole.” FPJ  Body Awareness  in Action pg. 25

The act of creation: the mind.body/sense/self imagining/thinking/conjuring something/ creating something… whether this something is a musical note, a next step in a 200 meter dash,  a puppet, a lesson plan, or a vacation…..

The act of creative thinking CAN include your SELF IN IT.  IT IS you so might as well include yourself in it.

Best creative practice is to establish a manner of directing the use of self for 

the creation of a work of art.  The field of attention has a set of kinesthetic coordinates that supply a framework for thinking. If my thoughts (creative or otherwise) are pulled off track into a state of non-inclusivity of the framework that is producing and allowing these thoughts…. The thoughts probably no longer include the activity of thinking about MY SELF… and so these thoughts (again, creative or otherwise) separate my SELF from my process.

Instead of setting up 2 fields or 3 of awareness SELF/ACTIVITY/ENVIRONMENT Attention can be expanded to establish a single integrated field and self,activity, and environment can be viewed simultaneously. This ability to create and expand into one big field of awareness will at first come only in  moments, maybe minutes…. But the experience will be glorious.



Each loop has an an oppositional force supplied by thinking of central axis.

The “up” of the front of chest is tethered by the opposition true up of central axis

The central axis thinking therefore softens the chest’s up because the up of the chest remembers it is upping not for its own sake, but rather for the integrity it can experience with the whole self.

Let the neck be free

Thing about your neck and check if you can perhaps tighten less

To allow the head to go forward and up

And while you at this also at the same time

Allow the back to go forward and up

Allow the knees to go forward and up

To join the thinking of head, back and legs engaging in directions expands awareness of self to include more of you.

Perhaps we do start with the head and then in an imperceptible flash the back and legs are included

Of course there is UP along the spine!

The forward and up lives in relation to the UP.

Isadora Duncan

pre first lesson
post fifth lesson
post tenth lesson

Images can be deceiving, like those before and after advertisements for makeup or weight loss programs.before and after images are usually worthless: drink this special diet drink, buy this acne remover, use this best ever makeup, buy a product and get laid……etc.

I can not recall why I brought up this mathematician during a lesson.  I do like talking about zero being infinity’s twin…..

Here is the actual man’s bio

great mathematician born on my birthday december 22nd

And here is the trailer to the movie

the man who knew infinity

John Cleese is one of  my comedic heroes, and he takes AT lessons.  He studied with Walter Carrignton in London. Walter Carrington studied with Mr. FM Alexander, so just think , wow very big and awesome deal this Walter Carrington must be.I had heard through the AT grapevine that John Cleese came up with the idea for The Ministry of Silly Walks while walking home from an AT lesson he had just had with Walter Carrington.

While I was in London getting ready for my AT certification test in (1995), I took several lessons with Walter Carrington.  After a few lessons I got up the never to ask him about the John Cleese Silly Walk, and if Cleese ever told Carrington that he credited his AT lessons with the spark for  Silly Walk. Walter said oh yes yes that is definitely the truth. And went into a bit of the story of Cleese walking out of a lesson, feeling light as a feather and well grounded and suddenly saw the people on the street as Silly Walkers. He could see passerby’s  manners of USE. He could see their idiosyncratic habits of walking. Silly Walk was born. silly walk full sketch

beautiful amoeba moving about

all sciencey about it

Image result for image of amoeba under microscope

I have been using the amoeba idea/image

When getting students off the table.

 I do this so that they move all together… not all at the same time, rather all together.

 Some parts move faster some slower and yet all together.

 The amoeba pulsates, it follows itself.

I know there is tons more stuff covered during the lessons  the week of August 12th, but for now, here is a non-inclusive post lesson of the goings on in my AT studio last week.

Suzanne Faulkner