About Mr. Alexander

Born in Tasmania, Fredrick Matthias (F. M.) Alexander (1869-1955) discovered the innate mechanism by which  our natural coordination can be restored.
Alexander was perusing a career in Shakspearan oration. Just as his career was taking off and he was making a name for himself performing one man shows, he began to experience hoarseness and even complete loss of his voice during big performances. When doctors could not offer no insight to the cause of his hoarseness, Alexander took it upon himself to find the cause of his voice issues. To find out what was happening with his voice while he was speaking he set up mirrors and began to observe himself. He also experimented with his reciting in this same manner. Through this self observation he realized that his condition must be caused by something he was doing with himself as he was speaking. He made a number of discoveries that helped him get his voice back.  As a result, he was able to continue acting.  At the same time, he began to teach his discoveries to his fellow actors, and to the general public.

Alexander spent the rest of his life in England and the United States teaching people how to make use of the process he had discovered. In the 1930′s, he began training others to teach the technique. Today there are several thousand Alexander Technique teachers world-wide.