Curriculum Vitae

I am an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique with over 25 years of Alexander studies. Using the principles of Alexander Technique I teach people of varied backgrounds how to increase the knowledge they bring to the use of their whole selves, enabling them to progressively raise their levels of functioning to pursue whatever endeavor they choose with maximum ease, efficiency, and effect.

Alexander Technique Private Practice, Durham NC
Teacher 1995—present

Teach private and small group instruction at varies venues across the state of North Carolina. Students have included: Olympic and FEI level Dressage athletes, professional actors, musicians and dancers, special needs children and adults, and people experiencing chronic pain.

Continued Studies in Alexander Technique, Boston MA & Tel Aviv Israel
I continually refresh my Alexander Technique studies with Ruth Kilroy, Director of the Alexander Technique Training Course (ATTC) in Boston with at least tri-annual week long teacher intensives and private lessons. 2011 and 2012 I traveled to Tel Aviv to study with Rika Cohen, Master Teacher, via private lessons and small group teacher intensives during one-week intensives.

American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), Dayton OH
During this time I underwent AmSAT’s certification process.
Requirements included: Study on three teacher training courses** for one week each, private lessons with director, written test and personal interview with each director.

Received my AmSAT certification
October 28, 1995.

I purposely chose three very different styles/types of Alexander Schools for the certification process I went through.
Alex and Joan Murray: Alexander Technique Center Urbana, Urbana, Illinois
Daria Harper-Okugawa: The Alexander Technique Training Center, Charlotsville, Virginia
Frank Sheldon: Alexander Technique /American Conservatory Theatre Campus, San Francisco, California

Alexander Technique Training Course (ATTC), Boston MA
1993-1995 1,200 hours of study-  2010-2017 400 hours of study 

Attended AmSAT Certified Training Course with instruction on principles with attention to procedures and hands-on skills for teaching with Director, Ruth Kilroy.

Cambridge Alexander Training Center, Cambridge MA
1991-1992 500 hours of study

Attended one year on Tommy Thompson’s training course to continue to deepen my skills.

Fertman Alexander Technique School of Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA
1988-1991 1,600 hours of study

Attended three years of full-time Alexander training with Bruce Fertman and Martha Hansen-Fertman.

Alexander Technique International Certification focuses on working in activities and small group instruction. This school invited guest teachers from all over the world to guest teach. Jeremy Chance, Rika Cohen, Bill Conable, Barbara Conable, Meade Andrews, Tommy Thompson and many more….

I took my first Alexander lesson in 1987. While I was searching for answers, studying with many teachers it become a part of my journey to immerse myself in this work, and to  study with different teachers in different environments. As in any serious study, there are branches of thought and alternative styles of interacting with the basic principles. I have aimed to study a wide range of aspects of the Alexander family tree: for example, while preparing for my AmSAT certification process in 1995, I went to London to take private lessons with Walter Carrington, and spent a week on his training course The Constructive Training Centre. That same trip I took many lessons with Misha Magidov and spent a few days on his training course too. With a bit of poetic license, I will say that these styles represent opposite ends of the Alexander spectrum.

Getting my AmSAT certification in 1995 was only the beginning of the journey, and although I have made it my aim to be familiar with and interested in all aspects of this work, I have chosen to focus my energies on the Macdonald style as revealed to me through the relationship I continue to cultivate with my primary teachers Ruth Kilroy and Rika Cohen. Hopefully my understanding of, and ability to convey this work to others will continue to deepen, expand and grow.

May the force (of habit) be with you.

Faulkner and Garrigues

Faulkner and Garrigues investigation of the dancer at the end of third series.


I have been studying Ashtanga yoga over 25 years.

To say that Alexander influences my Ashtanga is an understatement.

In fact, Alexander allows me to continue to deepen my practice in a way not too many humans in a 57 year old body could even imagine!