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Private Lessons

The Alexander Technique is most often learned through a series of lessons. Working one-to-one and using a combination of hands-on work and verbal instruction, I guide the student through a range of everyday activities-walking, sitting, bending, reaching and breathing. Together we’ll explore alternatives. Students learn to replace inefficient habits with improved coordination by locating and releasing unnecessary muscular tension. Part of most lessons include table work where the student, lying fully clothed, is guided to a deeper level of musculoskeletal release.

My strength as a teacher is private lessons.

Private lessons are 45-50 minutes in length
1-lesson: $75*
3-lesson series: $210 (70)
5-lesson series: $325 (65)

* inquire about student/hardship rates

On-site lessons are offered starting at $100. 00

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Alexander Intensive:

10 lessons for $600.00

All 10 lessons must be taken within six weeks of first lesson.



 Alexander Technique in a Small Group Format  at:

Wellville NC

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June 16 & 23 (Saturday) 1130am-1pm

Cost : $99 (2) workshop days & one 45min private lesson outside of class to focus on your specific areas of concern. Private is scheduled at your convenience.

Wear clothing that allows you to experience your full range of motion, in other words, comfy clothes.

2 group classes

1 private lesson

limited to 8 students

Participants will :

  • Recognize patterns of posture and movement, which may be causing excessive tension, aches and pains, restricted movement, stiff joints, etc

  • Learn to apply the Technique’s principles to daily tasks and gain coping skills for stressful work patterns

  • Experience a one-on-one lesson to ensure a true experience of this transformative educational tool

  • Work whole body coordination to find balance

  • Focus on finding ease and integration

  • Integrate awareness to use Alexander in your life

  • One 45 minute private lesson included in this offering

 One Day Introduction at Ninth Street Dance


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Saturday, July 21
2-4 pm pm

Instructor: Suzanne Faulkner
Fees: $18 in advance; $22 day of

The American Society for The Alexander Technique (AmSAT) recommends a course of 30 lessons to be able to apply the technique reliably on your own. Some people study for less time and are satisfied, and some study longer, taking their exploration to deeper levels.

Cancelation & Rescheduling There is no charge for rescheduling. People get sick, transportation malfunctions, migraines happen.

Do try and give as much notice as possible…..  what!, me worry?